Prof. Dr.-Ing. Torsten Kroeger

Torsten is a Professor of Computer Science, Director of Intelligent Process Control and Robotics Laboratory (IPR) and Co-Chair of the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics (IAR) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

He is the CEO of Tirac Engineering, a Visiting Scientist at Stanford University, and the founder of Reflexxes.

From 2014 to 2017, he was a Staff Roboticist and the Head of the Robotics Software Division at Google.

His research interests are real-time motion planning, transfer learning and deterministic distributed real-time systems.

He received the Early Career Award of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Waibel

Alexander is a Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

He is the director of the International Center for Advanced Communication Technologies (interACT) and Fellow of the IEEE Fellow. He and his team invented the “Time-Delay Neural Network” (now also known as “convolutional” neural network) which is at the heart of many of today’s AI technologies.

System breakthroughs that followed suit included early multimodal dialog interfaces, the first speech translation system in Europe and USA, the first simultaneous lecture interpretation system, and Jibbigo, the first commercial speech translator on a phone.

During his career, Dr. Waibel founded and built 10 successful companies.

Following the acquisition of Jibbigo by Facebook, Waibel served as founding director of the FB Language Technology Group. He also deployed speech translation technologies in humanitarian and disaster relief missions.

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Martin Hubschneider

An entrepreneur by nature, recognized by many for his passion and visionary approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Martin Hubschneider, CEO of CAS Software, has consistently driven the development of networked future technologies.

He founded SmartWe World together with a constantly growing number of co-creators to establish a revolutionary new platform for company software in the WeConomy.

Designing a business and management culture which focuses on developing individual potential and is based on common values are matters which are very close to his heart. As is the “Customer Centricity” company mission statement and strong focus on developing products and services to help customers become more successful.

Besides his entrepreneurial activities, he also works voluntarily as the CEO of the CyberForum e.V. company network, as vice-president of the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V., as CEO of VDMA Software and as an expert on future issues to the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

His motto: “Positive thinking won’t fix everything, but it will help you to do everything better.”

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Bernhard Janke

Bernhard is a Principal at LEA Partners where he invests in B2B companies from seed to growth.

He was previously Principal at Global Founders Capital / Rocket Internet SE and built up the deal flow across America.

He co-founded a venture backed company in Silicon Valley after starting out his career as the first employee at the German Accelerator in Silicon Valley.

He helped build up the accelerator from his early beginnings and was successful in expanding the size of the program and into new regions.

Bernhard studied Business Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

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Alexander Kaiser

Alexander is co-founder of First Momentum Ventures and Blockinfinity.

As the first student venture capital fund in Germany, First Momentum Ventures closes the existing financing gap in the early phase. The aim is to identify the next generation of founders, to meet them at eye level and to support them in their endeavour by providing access to capital, know-how and relevant partners.

At Blockinfinity, he implements blockchain-based solutions for various customers, from conception to implementation. By working for energy suppliers he can contribute thereby to the energy transition.

Alexander himself is enthusiastic about hackathons - both as a participant and organizer.

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