Data privacy policy

The following data privacy policy refers to the usage of our online-service provided by our application system under the domain and the website. The inquiry and processing of personal data fully abides by the regulations imposed by the valid data protection guidelines, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The site can be used without specification of any personal data, the data that is required for the usage of the application system is voluntarily provided by our users. This personal data is not handed over to any third parties without consent. This document describes, how and for what reasons your personal data is inquired and what options the user has in regards to their data. Through the usage of this website you agree to the inquiry, usage and transmission of data according to this data privacy policy. We remind our users, that data transmissions in the internet (e.g. the communication by Email) can be prone to security leaks. A guaranteed protection of data from access by third parties is not within our realms of possibility.

Responsible members

Responsible for the inquiry, processing and usage of your personal data according to Article 4 Nr. 7 GDPR is Adrian Lehmann, executive board of Hack & Soehne and Florian Böttcher, data protection representative of talKIT, P.O. Box 111 462, 76064 Karlsruhe. If you want to object to the inquiry, processing or usage of your data according to the regulations imposed by this data policy, you can direct your objection towards the responsible members. You can save or print out this data privacy policy at any time.

Quill application system (

Quill is a registration system designed especially for hackathons. For users, it serves as a streamlined interface to submit registration and confirmation information. We use Quill to manage applications, which includes the usage of personal data for application review and the provided email for sending users updates on their application status. The personal data provided by the user via the application system is stored on our server and will be removed from our database after the end of the Hacktival hackathon on May 11th and 12th.